Hope Dance

And here I am waiting again, From waiting so much Hope has turned into a dance Time has turned into a cloak And the face only showing wrinkles But the will, it never tires!

No matter how far ahead, it doesn’t matter I am always behind and late How much delay can a life bear? How many more times will I be overtaken? When will I be the master instead of the pupil? When will I, at last, be the last in line?

I keep this anguish in my chest And await better days for a long time Along with certainty and its surroundings That I did everything that could be done

#ForEveryoneToSee: the image shows an engraving of a white rabbit in formal beige clothes, standing on its hind legs looking worriedly at a pocket watch while holding a thin black umbrella. Public domain image, authored by John Tenniel to illustrate Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1890)

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