It is with sadness that I received on Tuesday the final opinion of the Justification Council, the dismissal process to which I am being subjected. They decided that I am guilty of not being promoted (yes, that’s right!) for not meeting the medical and clinical conditions for promotion, an allegation that was refuted several times and clearly throughout the process, which included an evaluation by the Corporation’s Medical Board. In practical terms, it is suggested that I be compulsorily retired.

After 26 years of service, this moment is the most painful I have ever faced. All this time, I did not know what I was being accused of and I still do not know. There is no explanation. The alleged reason has no legal basis and is not supported by the evidence. They do not want to point out the real reason. But we know what the motivation is. It just was not said at any time.

It should be a basic principle that everyone has equal opportunities and respect, regardless of their identity or sexual orientation. It is unacceptable that I am being punished simply for being a transgender person and for the discomfort that my presence may cause.

I have always reflected on the recent human rights violations and wondered how these atrocious situations came to occur. How many people involved had to give their approval for such atrocities to materialize? How many consciences remained silent and abandoned their humanity to support such inhuman acts? I never imagined I would be one of those people.

In this moment of sadness and indignation, I find comfort in those who came before me and those who are yet to come. And in the hope that justice will prevail. Even if delayed, I still believe in its realization.

This is not the end of this journey. The decision issued by the Justification Council is still subject to confirmation by the Governor and, subsequently, to review by a panel of the Court of Justice.

We will continue to fight. Despite the adversities, we are far from the end of this battle.


Image: MEYER. Henry. “The traitor: Degradation of Alfred Dreyfus”. 1895, France

#Accessibility The drawing shows Captain Dreyfus, already without his insignia, in front of a squad of soldiers, watching his sword being broken by another officer. {/examples/}

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